Category Management Tool

We believe that making Category Strategies digitally is a good place to accelerate your strategic and digital procurement journey.

Hence, we built the Category Management Tool, which intelligently provides guided procurement category strategy creation. It helps you identify, prioritize and follow up on the most effective procurement initiatives. The solution provides suggestions on strategies and actions you can pursue to optimize your categories.

In Digiprocure we believe in a flexible no code/ low code platform approach. With close support from Microsoft we are able to excel and wider distribute our tools and services including our main solution, the Category Management Tool.

It All Started With These Questions

Many organizations have fragmented processes and technology, a short-term operational focus and fragmented skillsets. Would you like to professionalize your procurement function further and move from complexity to simplicity?

  • How can we get started with Category Lifecycle Management?
  • How can our Procurement Function become a truly strategic function that truly supports our business as a trusted go-to function?
  • How can we start the Digital Procurement Journey, in our company without investing a fortune?
Have The Same Questions?

The Category Management Tool Provides These Main Benefits:

  • It allows for guided strategy creation, ensuring the right questions are asked when making strategies
  • It allows you to make sure the right investment initiatives are pursued and that you can follow up on those by keeping all strategies in a single repository
  • It professionalizes your Procurement function further and mobilizes it to take the next steps in the Digital Procurement Journey.

We know what day-to-day procurement with fire-fighting and “survival” can look like. We also know what procurement excellence looks like and what it takes to get there.

Contact us if you are considering starting your journey.

Please do read the white paper on progressive versus stone age sourcing.

Our Services

Digital Procurement Maturity Assessment

We have a proven concept for making digital procurement maturity assessments. Our approach is semi-structured, pragmatic and rapid. We typically do not want to spend more than 4 weeks on a maturity assessment, because in our experience more time does not necessarily provide more value. We have both a quantitative and qualitative approach to the assessment and the outcome is a recommended roadmap for the way forward

Procurement Academies and Coaching

We provide Procurement Academies and coaching based on best practices, but also adapted to your industry, company and needs. Our approach is involving and dialogue based. We run these with medium-sized and global companies and include a cultural perspective when needed. We recommend a combination of classroom training, coaching and on-the-job training in order to really integrate learnings and make sure they become part of day-to-day activities in your company.

Supporting processes

If you are “early stage” you might need assistance with creating a category tree and/ or implementing spend transparency. We provide these services using Power BI and if you are using or want to use another solution we can support you together with an internal or external system provider expert. We will help you go from uncontrolled maverick spending to overview and control of your spending. Part of this process is often to establish and implement a fit-for-purpose procurement policy and procedures that ensure compliance with such a policy. In our experience, such an implementation needs to be done in close cooperation with the business.

Source to Contract solutions

We provide the Category Management Tool, Contract Management-, eSourcing- and Supplier Relationship Management solutions. In all areas, but eSourcing, we provide low code/ no code solutions built on Sharepoint, Ms Dynamics or Power Apps and we pair this with expertise in implementing user-friendly solutions that provide ROI. In every project, we run we spend some time up-front scoping the project and identifying the 20% of activities and end products that can provide 80% of the value, but then we are also eager to get going with an agile implementation. We have eSourcing and eAuction expertise, however, we rely on best-of-breed solutions when implementing eSourcing programmes. We have worked directly or indirectly with many source to contract solutions.

Negotiation & Contracting

We run projects that ensure fact-based negotiations and appropriate approaches to different parts of your supplier base. We have a proven toolbox and experience in running negotiation projects. On top of the typical negotiation toolbox, we also provide training and coaching in relation to the human part of negotiations. We often wrongly assume that people are typically logical beings that sometimes have emotions, when in fact most of the time people are emotional beings that sometimes make rational decisions. Hence fact-based negotiations can only get you “so far” and need to be coupled with what we call “the relationship-based negotiation toolbox”. In one situation we realized an 18% improvement with a partnership supplier when using this approach together with a client.

Interim Management

Do you need to get a hold of your purchasing, make sure that you know what you are buying and create improvements or do you need to take your well-established procurement function from a “good function” to a fully-fledged digital procurement function without spending a fortune on external consultants? At times, we can provide interim management that can help you with this.

Who we are

We have almost two decades of digital procurement experience. We have been where “the road hits the rubber”. On top of this we are loaded with education and theories and we know what to use and when, in practice. We have a philosophy in relation to procurement and it´s foundation is the pareto principle, i.e. that 20% of the inputs provides 80% of the value. When running projects we build a project team together with the client, because that is typically the way to create the most value.


Patrick has worked with many Digital Procurement Transformations and practically used and implemented a wide array of systems.

He saw the need for tools that are adaptable to the customer’s maturity and needs and hence developed the Category Management Tool.


Elizabeth is a passionate and results-driven software engineer and IT consultant.

She designs solutions at DigiProCure based on her experience in implementing software technologies in various business areas.

Advisory Board

Kristian Juhl Nielsen
Advisory Board Member

Kristian has worked with Sourcing & Procurement for more than 15 years across both the Private and especially the Public sector. He has particular experience working as Category Manager in the financial sector as well as Management Consultant where he has helped some of the largest public sector institutions in Denmark implement Category Management. Today Kristian runs his own consultancy focusing on helping his customers realize savings and develop competencies.
Kristian supports Digiprocure with sparring and knowledge.

Jan Reinhardt Kristensen
Advisory Board Member

Jan Reinhardt Kristensen Global Procurement Director at Mountain Top. Having more than 20 years experience of driving successful transformations and optimizations – Jan brings with him a heavy procurement background from the Industry. He is an instigator of innovation and change.
Jan has a passion for Category Management and has been keenly engaged in our Category Management Tool.

Ole Torp
Advisory Board Member

Ole is CPO of the House-builder, Eurodan-huse, and brings with him vast professional experience from the Industry as well as 20 years of Management Consultant experience. He has driven significant business transformations within Supply Chain and Procurement, in general, and Digital Procurement in particular, both in the Private and Public sectors.
Ole supports us with advice and insights on how we grow the business in a sustained and customer value-generating way.

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